$479.00 USD

Direct Connect - Makeup, Skincare, Haircare

This is an expanded offering which builds on our Manufacturer Sourcing workshop. Still at-your-own-pace and in-your-own-space, this version provides you with the names of the Manufacturers and Subject Matter Experts.


Wait... Did I read that correctly? YES. These resources have been fully vetted and validated over 10+ years of partnership experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in development and production. Now having access to the list, you get to go straight to the source!


 What you'll get:

  • Contact info for verified manufacturing teams + direct facilitated intro meeting

  • Downloadable Organizational Resources

  • Written, Video & Audio Content for a peek into the development process including expected pricing, order quantities, design process, production locations and so much more


Interested in a little guidance on the development of your target product? Just book a quick strategy session with us to prep you for your call! 

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