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VIP Direct Connect

 Are you tired of spinning your wheels? Do you want to create your own product using your artwork, but have no idea which manufacturer to trust?

Do you want to ensure a direct introduction to your target manufacturer? Someone who understands your ideas and can make it happen for you in a timely manner?

Look no further – VIP Direct Connect is for brands who want an introduction to a quality, dependable manufacturing team. This offer includes an intro call to get you and the manufacturer briefed and acquainted so you can be off to the races with creating your target product.

In 2-6 weeks you'll have met and interviewed your new potential manufacturing partner and can get going on production.


What You'll Get: 

  • Intro Call: No more guesswork. After learning about your manufacturing needs, we'll hook you up with one reputable and appropriate manufacturer, ensuring you both have a complete understanding of needs. (we focus on manufacturing units in the USA, India and Greater Europe) 


  • Planning Session: We'll schedule a planning session directly with you to ensure you're prepared to brief your manufacturer on your product vision.


  • Guide to Creating Your Design Brief: You'll get a template to help you outline THE characteristics that will clearly communicate your product targets to a manufacturer. This resource sets the foundation for creating a reliable, trusting and long term manufacturer relationship.


  • Manufacturer Interview Questions: You'll get a list of THE critical questions to ask during your manufacturer interviews to qualify the vendor and map out your product launch budget and schedule. This is a proven process in streamlining the sourcing process.


Are you ready to:

  • Streamline Your Manufacturing Research Efforts: Say goodbye to the stress of combing the internet trying to uncover manufacturer contacts only to be left with sketchy email addresses and phone calls that go unanswered. We will  introduce you to a carefully vetted manufacturer who we personally have worked with, or who has been personally recommended to us after many successful experiences.


  • Access Expert Guidance: Benefit from our team's expertise and industry insights. We'll walk you through how to approach the manufacturer so you can get the process rolling in as little as 2 weeks. You'll know exactly what's typical and how to tailor it to your product idea.



I'm telling you - if I had access to this VIP introduction a year ago you better believe I would have snagged it then and saved myself months of research and headaches. Erin Tice


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What People Are Saying:

Mallory is an excellent resource to any creative, dreamer, mover and shaker looking for assistance in realizing their inspirations in tangible form. Her keen ability to sense the needs and creative goals feels almost like a psychic power. Her intuitive ability to understand the nature of a creative inspiration, an artist's story, and deeper values is impeccable. Her unique approach and skills of high-taste with problem-solving tactics is totally essential to authentically representing a client and assisting them to achieve exactly what they’re hoping to produce. Her services are the niche secret weapon that every creative producer needs.

Julia Timms, Creative Director

I am extremely grateful and appreciative to Mallory and her team for their guidance and support through their VIP Direct Connect program. Mallory quickly understood my product goals and expertly connected me with wonderful vendors and manufacturers who I never could have found on my own. Additionally, I really relied on Mallory's advice on managing communication, requests and expectations with my manufacturing partner. If you are looking to start a new product business or expand into a new category, Mallory is the support system you need!

Nan Philip, Founder

Katie and I hired Mallory Lucas from Product Development Coach to help locate a manufacturer for our new line of high end bathroom vanities. Mallory did a great job of sourcing potential suppliers. We ended up with a partner who is perfect match for our business, both from a quality perspective, and a cultural one, as well. Big thumbs up to Mallory!

Doug Rosenfeld, Co-Founder Katie Rosenfeld and Vanity & Co

I found Mallory many years ago after an extensive search online, as I required a coach who worked in the industry. And whilst I had business coaches in the past they didn't have the knowledge or experience of the industry. Mallory's services have been invaluable since I've re engaged with her this year. I have been able to take my product to completion. This has been a dream for many years and Mallory has help me to realised this. Her knowledge, understanding and contacts in the industry is a 'treasure trove one stop shop' There is so much more I envisage that I will be able to produce this year and going forward.

Marcia, Marcieb.London