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After 10+ years of developing product ourselves and for our clients, we decided it was time to take the tips & tricks out of our head and write the playbook so you can Do-it-Yourself. Join us as we demystify the mysterious world of product sourcing and manufacturing - get a peek behind the veil or opt for direct introductions. Choose from our online programs and/or join our Member community for access to materials from each online program!

HSDT Podcast June Sponsor

We are over the moon to be sponsoring the June episodes of Emily Lander's Podcast, HSDT - How'd She Do That? Be sure to tune in to listen to the incredible stories of female founders for creative brands across the country! We have been *so* inspired by the grit and determination which is common across each of these stories and know you will, too! Help us help Emily celebrate 2 years of HSDT with their 100th Episode...
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Available Resources

DIY Direct Connect + Manufacturer Sourcing Workshop + Product Development 101

VIP Direct Connect

Tired of spinning your wheels? Want to ensure a direct introduction to your target manufacturer? You choose the product and we will get you introduced to a quality, dependable manufacturing team. This offer concludes with an intro call to get you two briefed and acquainted so you can be off to the races. This is a favorite offer around here!


Manufacturer Sourcing Workshop

We've taken the 50+ hours it would have required of your time to find & vet these trusted product producers and compiled them into one virtual workshop! Hear directly from Manufacturers across the lifestyle category - walk away with MOQs to Pricing and so much more.

Product Development 101

This curriculum offers a DIY approach to building your own line of private label product. From beauty to fashion to home decor and more -- the Product Development 101 process can be applied to any product category. This introductory course begins to demystify the complex product development journey by targeting the key pillars: Manufacture sourcing & Pricing.


DIY Direct Connect

This is an expanded offering which builds on our Manufacturer Sourcing workshop. Still at-your-own-pace and in-your-own-space, this version provides you with the names of the Manufacturers and Subject Matter Experts. A real full-on view behind the mysterious manufacturing veil! 


Our online resources span from [courses] to [community] in an effort to set you up for success in your Product Development journey.

From laying the foundation to putting you in front of product manufacturers - you can access it all right here virtually.

Other Digital Resources

Over the past 10+ years of product development for brands such as ABC Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe, Artist, Ashley Longshore and Retailers like The Orvis  Company is that the right resources can save you copious amounts of time and money. Most importantly, they can provide immense clarity and the confidence of a clear pathway forward. Let us open the doors to the resources which will bring you the jump-start you've been craving. 

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