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Introducing our Do-It-Yourself guide teaching you how to develop your own line of private label products

Because that's where we are in the world. It's time.

How will Private Label transform my Brand?

The Why

Benefits of Private Label for your Brand:
  • Builds brand loyalty through product preference


  • Recaptures significant profit margin


  • Offers ability to sell into multiple price points: Wholesale & Direct


  • Provides increased control over costs


  • Differentiates your brand from competitors


From beauty to fashion to home decor and more, our Private Label process can be applied to any category.

More Info Please!

This sounds interesting, I just need more info

"Our 101 course offers a DIY approach to building your own line of private label products. From beauty to fashion to home decor and more -- the Private Label Product Development 101 process can be applied to any category.

This introductory course begins to demystify the complex product development journey by targeting the key pillars: Business Model development, Manufacturer sourcing, and Pricing."

Private Label Product Development 101


Course  Description: 

Private Label Product Development 101 is a tried and true intro-to-product development course. It’s perfect for folks who plan to manage design and production themselves. The course begins by helping you build your business plan for the product – this is critical, as it helps you define your target price point, synthesize your product’s features & benefits, and define your go-to market strategy.

All of these things will inform the design and development of your product. You’ll walk away with tips on how to find a manufacturer for your product and templates for making cost/revenue projections.


This initial course is designed to be a "mini series" of 3 chapters that will teach you how to build a super basic business model, pinpoint a quality manufacturer, and price your product. 

What's Included:

  • Business Plan development
  • Sourcing 101
  • Pricing Strategy

Learning Objectives

We begin my structuring your offering, move into sourcing your manufacturing partner(s), and end with a pricing strategy. Soup to Nuts!

Business Model development

  • Getting your concept out of your brain and organized on paper will lay a clear foundation for your offering and help you feel more confident in the pursuit. A one page business model is fantastic for communicating your idea to solicit feedback from valued partners, colleagues and friend


Vendor / Manufacturer Sourcing

  • Vendor / manufacturer sourcing: This segment of the curriculum will help you build the strategy that will inform your search. Get excited for the incredible tips and tricks that we offer for landing quality manufacturing partners for your product(s)!



  • Pricing:  This can feel like such a daunting subject. We peel onion and provide a super clear framework for building the pricing structure for your private label product(s).

What's Included:

  • Direct relationship with quality Manufacturer(s) and industry resources
  • Action Plan for product launch including all production costs, order quantities, and lead times
  • Cost management and pricing strategy
  • Financial projections
  • In some cases, a creative team (Graphic Design, Photographers, etc)
  • PLUS! 1:1 meetings and typically takes 1-2.5 months before you are ready to spread your wings.

101 + Direct Connect 


Course  Description: 

 Perfect for folks who have a good idea of what they want to produce and simply need an industry expert to clear through the clutter and make direct introductions to key resources. This is formatted as a workshop. We will have a series of 1:1 meetings to conceptualize your product and Rinnovo will facilitate 1:1 meetings between you and your manufacturer(s) as well as respective thought leaders within your space. One of the greatest values of our workshop model is that you walk away with direct relationships with your manufacturer(s) and in some cases a creative team.

Key Takeaways

This workshop-style engagement will walk you from concept to final delivery

1:1 Manufacturer Introductions

  • This option is perfect for you if you wish to interact directly with your manufacturer


Network of Industry Experts

  • Depending on your needs, we will facilitate calls with our network of industry experts to advise you throughout the development process


General Management

  • We will hold your hand until your final samples have landed!

Who we Serve

[ Anyone who would like to expand with custom branded product ]

Artists -- Influencers -- Non Profits -- Retailers


About The Coach

Mallory (Jones) Lucas, 10 years directing all aspects of private label product development across the lifestyle category, with a special focus on sourcing manufacturing units across Europe and USA.

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