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Direct introductions to reliable product manufacturers

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Part consulting engagement, part guided course.

Manufacturer Direct Connect is our no-fluff streamline straight to the production source

You choose the product, we make the introductions



As soon as you purchase "Direct Connect" we will plan a quick discovery call to align on core product objectives, then you will complete a design brief which will further define the product targets for us to work from. PDC then launches an official manufacturer search and the engagement concludes with introduction(s) to viable product manufacturers.

You purchase Direct Connect

  • You purchase Direct Connect via the website. As soon as you make the purchase, we will reach out by email to schedule your onboarding Discovery Call! Many of our clients are incredibly busy, so we are very accustomed to handling this dialogue by email if you prefer.


Initial Consult

  • Discovery Call (or email exchange!): We will meet for ~20 minutes to¬†establish a¬†clear objective for your production targets.¬†


Design Brief

  • You will be granted access to our proprietary Design Brief. You and your team will complete the brief, which¬†helps our team¬†conduct a successful manufacturer search.¬†


Manufacturer Search

  • The PDC team will use your Design Brief to launch a search for a viable product manufacturer. Please note that we are not limited to, yet prioritize manufacturing teams based in the USA, India and emerging European markets. We also prioritize family owned and operated manufacturing businesses. With over 10 years of product development and manufacturing experience, we have proven that family owned and operated businesses tend to be more reliable, flexible and quality-driven.



  • The¬†Manufacturer Direct Connect concludes with an introduction to a product manufacturer. Much like the Design Brief resource, you will be granted access to another resource we developed over a decade of experience ... an outline of essential questions to ask during the interview process. Please note, we are very accustomed to managing the interview process for clients who wish to have extra support. Let us know if you would like to discuss consulting and our retainer options.


Join us as we open the doors to the

product manufacturers 

YOU have been looking for.

Just like we did for these clients



We've worked with...



Julia Timms, Creative Director

Mallory is an excellent resource to any creative, dreamer, mover and shaker looking for assistance in realizing their inspirations in tangible form. Her keen ability to sense the needs and creative goals feels almost like a psychic power. Her intuitive ability to understand the nature of a creative inspiration, an artist's story, and deeper values is impeccable. Her unique approach and skills of high-taste with problem-solving tactics is totally essential to authentically representing a client and assisting them to achieve exactly what they’re hoping to produce. Her services are the niche secret weapon that every creative producer needs. 


Nan Philip, Founder

I am extremely grateful and appreciative to Mallory and her team for their guidance and support through their VIP Direct Connect program. Mallory quickly understood my product goals and expertly connected me with wonderful vendors and manufacturers who I never could have found on my own. Additionally, I really relied on Mallory's advice on managing communication, requests and expectations with my manufacturing partner. If you are looking to start a new product business or expand into a new category, Mallory is the support system you need! -Nan Philip


Marcia, Marcieb.London

I found Mallory many years ago after an extensive search online, as I required a coach who worked in the industry. And whilst I had business coaches in the past they didn't have the knowledge or experience of the industry.

Mallory's services have been invaluable since I've re engaged with her this year. I have been able to take my product to completion. This has been a dream for many years and Mallory has help me to realised this. Her knowledge, understanding and contacts in the industry is a 'treasure trove one stop shop' There is so much more I envisage that I will be able to produce this year and going forward. 


Doug Rosenfeld, Co-Founder Katie Rosenfeld and Vanity & Co

Katie and I hired Mallory Lucas from Product Development Coach to help locate a manufacturer for our new line of high end bathroom vanities. Mallory did a great job of sourcing potential suppliers. We ended up with a partner who is perfect match for our business, both from a quality perspective, and a cultural one, as well. Big thumbs up to Mallory!

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Is this You?

We work across many industries


  • You are so beautifully positioned for building branded product because you have already created the design or have the capacity to do so, which will drastically reduce your cost.



  • Brand Owners, Retailers, and Boutiques ... as you know, product procurement is a journey! It's time to stop selling someone else's branded goods and develop your own. This in turn will build YOUR brand, not someone else's.



  • You have developed an incredible presence as a tastemaker. The next step in monetizing your brand is through product with your name on it. You are uniquely positioned to do direct consumer research with your audience, which will allow you to quickly and clearly drive to defining what to produce.



  • Custom product is a brand builder that instills brand-preference among your consumer base. As a designer, it is important to find ways to stay relevant with your former clients so they come back again and again.


Non Profit Organizations

  • Custom branded products are a really powerful profit center for Non Profit organizations. Partner with a favorite artist or designer to create a memorable product!


Save your Seat!


Respect your time, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your product.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will cutom Product transform my Brand?

The Why

Benefits of custom product development for your Brand:
  • Builds brand loyalty through product preference


  • Recaptures significant profit margin


  • Offers ability to sell into multiple price points: Wholesale & Direct


  • Provides increased control over costs


  • Differentiates your brand from competitors



Diversifying your business by way of custom branded product is EASY - You just need an advocate to cut through the clutter and streamline the path.


How it Works

The "VIP Direct Connect" approach has been 10 years in the making, as we have developed relationships across the Lifestyle field with product manufacturers with tremendous reputations in communication, quality and accountability. We have spent the time validating these partners, so you don't have to. As you have seen, we have a library of "DIY Direct Connect" options, which allow you a do-it-yourself approach. The VIP Direct Connect is a bit more concierge-style. You choose the product, and we with get you connected.

  • Step 1: Purchase Direct Connect
  • Step 2:¬†Discovery Call or email exchange to communicate your¬†production targets
  • Step 3:¬†You complete a Design Brief
  • Step 4:¬†PDC team uses your design brief to¬†conduct the comprehensive manufacturer search
  • Step 5: PDC schedules intro¬†calls for you/your team¬†with manufacturer(s)
  • Step 6: The manufacturing relationship is 100% yours!¬†
  • Step 7: Feel free to book consulting time with us in the future as you have questions or need a little guidance!


Let's get started


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Are you eager to . . .

  • Build a thriving business that crushes your current revenue numbers
  • Develop or enhance a revenue stream that yields crazy high profit margins
  • Create an offering that provides you with passive income
  • Build brand awareness among a much broader audience
  • Set yourself apart from your competition by instilling brand preference
  • Experience a 1:1 setting with industry experts who can teach you step-by-step what to do, who to connect with, and how to realize your goal?

About The Coach

Mallory (Jones) Lucas, 10 years directing all aspects of private label product development across the lifestyle category, with a special focus on sourcing manufacturing units across the USA, India, and Greater Europe.