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Uncategorized Aug 17, 2023

Good Morning!


Let's discuss one of our favorite products: Wallpaper.


Why is this category among our favorites? Because the wallpaper printing partners we have established relationships with over the past 6 years are best in class. They have different value propositions, but the common factors we look for are for quality and customer service. This makes our job easier, more enjoyable, and completely successful! Reliable production partners are everything.


Today we will offer brief overviews of 2 wallpaper printers ... the distinct difference between the two wallpaper printers is Print-On-Demand versus Large Runs. But, it's important to note that by large run, we really just mean a minimum order of ~12 rolls! We are in the business of making your life easier, so we never recommend production partners with minimums in the 1000's. You will grow into those numbers.


If you know you are ready to connect with a wallpaper printer, we suggest one of two avenues:

  • DIY Direct Connect - Wallpaper (Purchase this offering and the contact info for 3+ luxury wallpaper printers will be enclosed)
  • Consulting - If you wish for a bit more hand holding, we will walk you through the process, make the introduction(s), and get you through sampling. Begins at $600/product.


Know wallpaper is the category for you, but you need an expert wallpaper designer to bring your collection to life using or reimagining your creative assets? We have you covered there, too! 


Okay, let's dig into the details...


Wallpaper Printer 1

We have relationships with printers across the USA, but this wallpaper printer has a list of compelling points of difference:

  • Print on Demand:  Print as few as 1 yards at a time - this will be very attractive to your customer. Can you imagine not having to hold inventory?


  • Blind Drop shipping:  Speaking of print-on-demand ... This team will print, package and fulfill each of your orders with your branding so you never touch the product. It goes straight to your customer! 


  • Expert Color Matching Capabilities:  I've been blown away by this team's ability to achieve tight color expectations. When I say tight, I mean extreme. This will come at an added cost, but if you are an established brand with other products sharing the same creative, color matching might be important to you. Know that this is a good option.


  • Lean Team / Nimble:  I really value nimble teams, which is one of the reasons I prioritize working with family businesses. This businesses is Owner/Operator run. You are going to have direct interaction with the owner, and they will be the ones blessing every yard you print!


Expected wallpaper printing pricing

  • Pricing is projected by the yard. With a really high quality clay coated paper, you are looking at about $18.50/yard



  • The minimum order quantity for this wallpaper printing is fantastic - you are looking at about 1-5 yards as your minimum order quantity until you are a verified customer. Then your minimum will move to 1 yard. 



Wallpaper Printer 2

This company is a fantastic option for those of you looking for exceptional quality and the ability to play in the luxury category. Minimums are quite generous and pricing favorable. I absolutely love the quality they offer. This would be a great wallpaper printer option if you are looking to sell into showrooms or on a larger scale, as you will need to inventory your product. 


Minimum order

12 rolls. You can order mixed designs, minimum of 2 rolls per SKU. Please note production works to a tolerance of +/- 20%


Sampling lead time

Approximately 2 weeks from when payment is made


Production lead time

Approximately 3 weeks from payment being made


Order Batching

All orders are batched, for example your first one A and next order B. We recommend rolls are sold from the same batch


Digital Pricing on Non Wovens




Price Per M²

52cm x 10.05m Roll (5.23 M²)

70cm x 10.05m Roll (7.04 M²)

100cm x 10.05m Roll (10.05 M²)

140cm x 10.05m Roll (14.07 M²)

12 rolls (min)






24 rolls






48 rolls






72 rolls






100 rolls






152 rolls






252 rolls






500 rolls







Above prices exclude VAT


The above includes:

  1. Digital printing 52cm/70cm/100cm/140cm wide Non Woven.
  2. For Design sampling at 52cm, there will be a charge of £30 + vat per sample. To be done on our sampling machine. (£40 for 70cm and £55 for 100/140cm)
  3. Panel designs to be priced once assessed. Sampling costs per metre.
  4. Artwork/ separation costs may apply.
  5. Production works to a tolerance of +/- 20%
  6. Winding & wrapping into plain cartons.
  7. Customer to supply all of their own labels.
  8. Delivery terms FCA  (Cost of delivery not included).
  9. Settlement – Pro forma


How we need to receive files


  • Please send your design as an AVA, RGB TIFF or Photoshop via we transfer
  • We require 1 repeat of your design at your chosen width for printing (52, 70, 100 or 140cm)
  • No bleed is needed, and the recommended resolution is 300dpi or above
  • Your design will be prepared as a straight match, half drop or free match which is standard practice for wallpaper hanging


Color trials


  • We encourage our customers to come and work on Press which is charged at £35 per hour + materials used
  • If you provide your file as individual single TIFF separated layers or AVA separated layers and provide a color print out, fabric, artwork or pantones we can match accurately.
  • We can receive as an image file (RGB) if you are happy to print the file as is with no color tweaking although we cannot guarantee color matching
  • Please note all our samples are produced on our proofing machine and production is printed on our production machine. We like to make our customers aware there can be a different print mark between the machines but are accurate for a color guide.


Studio Costs


  • We can also offer our customers a design service which can include design repeats, layouts and separations. Once we have seen the design, we would be able to advise of additional costs.
  • Studio time is charged at £35 an hour.


A4 Samples


  • We also provide a service of trimmed A4s which are 95p each/ A3s are £1.35. Untrimmed samples A4 are 45p/ A3 85p. Minimum 50 per SKU.



When you send your design to us for sampling please also send a Purchase Order 

Your sampling Purchase Order must contain the following information:

  1. Customer name
  2. Delivery/ invoice address
  3. Design name and colorway
  4. Substrate choice
  5. Width of design

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