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Welcome to www.ProductDevelopmentCoach.com! I’m so glad you found us. Typically the response we get is something along the lines of… “OMG. I did not know that you existed!!!” or “Woah - This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Manufacturer introductions!?” or “Everything has changed. I’m exactly where I need to be now!!!” This space and our programs are intended to be used as a guide and starting place to get your first (or tenth) product off the ground. 


In general we cover product development - However, our sweet spot and specialty is helping you find a product manufacturer. The content to follow will outline what to expect when building a product and offer the tips and tricks learned over 10+ years of both domestic and international production. You might find foundational concept development with a business plan and resources such as our program plan tracker… all the way to the nitty gritty...

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