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Product Development Coach's Design Brief Template - The cornerstone for jumpstarting your relationship with a reliable product manufacturer



Okay, so here we are. Ready to "brief" your targets. 


This step is really important to streamline the search, as you are attempting to very clearly articulate your vision for the manufacturer. The more specific you can be, the quicker you will get to sampling and production.


Linked here is a suggested outline. Depending on your product, you may or may not answer each of the questions. Just use this as a guide. Set aside some time to clear your mind and allow yourself to visualize your final product being used by the consumer. This will help you define core attributes including form (how it's made + aesthetic) and function (how it operates). The practice often leads to conceptualizing future iterations, as well. So be sure to capture those separately in preparation for explaining your longer term vision when in the interview process.  


A few thought starters below as you dig into completing the Design Brief:


How would you...

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Private Label Product Development for Artists


Okay, Artists & Graphic Designers... you all are so beautifully positioned for building branded product because you have already created the design or have the capacity to do so, which will drastically reduce your cost.


But, why should you prioritize this?

Offering products produced under your brand name is an incredible profit center and meaningful way of establishing brand-preference with your audience.


How? Well… to begin, products are a straightforward way to monetize your art beyond the canvas by entering new mediums. You are diversifying your revenue channels, which in turn leads to a more healthy business model. Further, products allow you to create deeper connection with your audience as they will soon interact with your work on a daily basis whether it’s fluffing a pillow, admiring their powder room wallpaper, lighting a candle, or wearing a pareo poolside.


TIP: Generate a list of all of your past collectors and begin thinking about...

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